The famous KALDAGAN in social Media

The famous word Kaldgan used by many vlogger and famous tiktoker to their video. Kaldagan become famous in dance step – Kaldag meaning Fucking moves. It viral online many years ago, a lot of handsome filipino and beautiful filipina dance using KALDAGAN dance step.

Million views in tiktok and youtube, but now i will share what I discovered, A porn site name KALDAGAN.COM, this is really amazing domain name and site name – KALDAGAN is hot like fucking shit, they are also uploading sex video scandal, and viral porn videos fit to their website name.

The website is just like other tube site that you see anywhere, But the name stand them. You will see a lot of KALDAGAN word on pinyflix video title. I started to love this site, visit several times a week to watch the latest upload of real pinay rare sex scandals.